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"Hi girls, just thought I should tell you how am really loving all your products, especially the Shea Moisture Lotion and the Shea Butter Melt. I have tried so many hair products (product junkie) some from the UK and some shipped all the way from the US ,but these products are the best I have used, the butter melt gives me frizz free , defined braid-outs and the lotion moisturises without being greasy, plus all your products leave my hair smelling so good all day. Keep up the good work, customer for life!" Jessica

"I have been using I Love afro products now consistently for over 5 months. My hair is naturally kinky and has a tendency to become quite dry. I have found the products to be good for detangling, moisturising and styling. All of the products in the range work well for my hair and I can definitely tell the difference between these and other products.

I would recommend that those new to the products start with the Complete Essentials Pack; The Wash & Go shampoo - gentle on the hair yet my hair and scalp always feel clean afterwards; The Detangling Conditioner - excellent with a heat cap; Moisture Mist - my favourite time to use this is prior to a DC on freshly washed hair and also on wet hair before applying the Shea Moisture Lotion - which my hair LOVE's. I use on clean washed hair and also for the next couple of days afterwards. A couple of days after washing my hair I begin to use The Shea Butter Melt to seal in the moisture. In all I have developed a routine that works for my hair using these products.

On top of that the customer service is excellent and it's a wonderful to see a small family owned company that caters specifically for natural hair in the UK." 
Deborah O

"Have so far tried your Shampoo and the Shea & Choco butters.  All very inspiring.  Thanks"  Marianne A

"I have been using I love afro products for about a month now and already notice a difference in my hair! I tend to use the Moisture Mist at night along with the Choco Butter melt to create twists which when taken out in the morning leave my hair beautifully soft, curly and smelling fabulous! What I love is the way my curls look more defined (my hair is natural but has a very loose curl pattern) I've had problems before where my hair looks curly at first but then after a couple of hours would just be a big frizz. Since using the I Love Afro products this has not happened so I am very pleased, on top of that the prices are great and very affordable so a big thumbs up from me :-)"  Natalie J

"I had been craving a new hair product to treat and maintain the different textures of my natural afro hair for some time now.  I had used so many and had to revert back to my childhood hair grease when all others had failed.
However, as with a lot of products once you have used them for years and years they just stop working and/or your hair just doesn't absorb it anymore! 

I was a tad sceptical about placing an order but also a little hopefully as I always use Shea butter to moisturise my body so I knew it had to be good for my hair too.
The first tub had me sold! The first time I used the Shea Butter Melt after washing and conditioning my hair I felt and saw the difference - I kid you not! My hair is softer, fuller, glossier and never oily.  I have to use a lot of the product because I have a lot of hair but the results are just what I needed.  I am now ordering in bulk to ensure I never run out :-) Several sisters have commented recently that my hair looks so lovely and what am I doing? I just tell them I LOVE AFRO!!
Also, I Love Afro Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! - Thank you Sash & Tash xx
Maxine W