About Us

I Love Afro was born in 2008 by two ladies, Natasha and Sasha. We found sourcing beneficial products for our hair difficult.  Products we had used for years claiming they provided moisture, nourishment, tamed the hair etc did the total opposite.  As you can imagine learning to manage our hair took time and patience but with a real interest in this area we gathered vast amounts of information on maintaining a natural/curly textured mane, and before long we embarked on a journey creating our own products suitable to our hair needs.
After a period of research and trial an error, we put together our own range which we as well as close friends and family, have been using ever since. The products consist of the finest ingredients to encourage hair growth, manageability and elasticity and are all formaldehyde free, paraben free, SLS free, mineral oil and petroleum free.  A mild preservative system is used where necessary so as to ensure freshness but without the abrasive effects of some of the commercially produced products on the market today.  I Love Afro ensures every product is specifically formulated to assist the naturalite in their quest to maintain their beautiful mane.

What makes us different is we live to promote the natural hair lifestyle. We are normal everyday working women who have taken time and care to create a hair care range that really works.

All products have been safety assessed and comply with EU Regulations.

Not only do we provide products with luscious ingredients and scents, but a bank of information too - it is with pride that we share our knowledge with you as we are living proof that with the right techniques you can achieve fantastic results and maintain them.

So if you're natural or thinking of going natural you can't afford NOT to be subscribed.

Mission Statement
I Love Afro is a company specialising in natural haircare aiming to provide a multitude of services under one roof.  Our company was put together to encourage and assist those who wish to embrace naturalism but do not know where to start or for those who are already natural but want more information and advice. 

Firstly may we say well done to anyone who has made the decision to become natural and welcome on board. You should bear in mind, especially if you're transitioning or have taken the plunge and done the big chop, that becoming natural is a mindset and it may take a while for you to build your confidence and style.  Once this confidence is achieved, the styles you'll create will be endless so take the time to learn about your hair type, the celebrations that cometh and observe closely to see the positive changes that transpire as this will motivate you to stay natural.
Our mission is to reveal that no matter what fly hairstyle is out today or tomorrow whether weave or relaxed it can be interpreted naturally.  Believe it or not you have a wealth of options being natural and the versatility is second to none.  No-one out there will have an exact hairstyle like you, although it maybe similar, as everyone has different hair textures and uniqueness.  Be equipped to provide your hair with the chance to show you it's true glory in its natural state. 

Don't give up at the first hurdle as too many times the reasoning behind not being natural is "it's too hard to manage" OR "I work in a corporate environment and it is not acceptable"

Remember the hairstyle you have does not define who you are but should enhance the way that you look and feel which can definitely  be done naturally.
SO we are hopeful I Love Afro will expand into a site which will encourage others on their natural journey.


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  • Moisture Mist

    Moisture Mist

    A daily, light moisturising spritz to refreshen Locs, Braids and Afro's
  • Choco Butter Melt

    Choco Butter Melt

    Choco Butter Melt styling butter for defined twist outs/ braid outs, nourishment and shine.
  • Shea Butter Melt

    Shea Butter Melt

    From: £4.99
    Shea Butter Melt styling butter for defined twist out/ braid outs, nourishment and shine.